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Emotional Phases of Deployment

A military couple is reunited after a deployment. Emotional phases of deployment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a “first-timer” or a pro, we all go through these emotional phases of deployment. It’s helpful when you can read exactly what to expect. Stage 1- Anticipation of Departure In this stage, spouses may alternately feel denial and anticipation of loss. As reality sinks in, tempers may flare as couples attempt to take care of… Read more »

Children & Deployment

   February 7, 2010    No Comments on Children & Deployment

It’s important to prepare children for an upcoming deployment as soon as possible. A deployment can affect a child (no matter the age) just as a divorce can. Here are some tips taken from various sources to help ease the transition into deployment: Make sure children know they are loved. Children always seem to blame themselves when there is turmoil in… Read more »

Care Package Do’s, Don’ts & Restricted Items

Care Package Do's Don'ts and Restricted Item list

When sending a care package to a loved one overseas, it is important to remember that there are several guidelines and rules that must be followed. Failure to do so, could cause the package to get delayed or even confiscated at customs! DON’T Send Fluf (Marshmallow cream in a jar)- this has a tendency to explode due to most military… Read more »