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  1. Crystal Thompson

    You write with professionalism, and knowledge, thank you!! love your articles!!

  2. Joe Karr

    Thank you for all your hard work on your website… I am sure you hear this alot, but, being a disable vet, it is refreshing to find a Military spouse who is as dedicated to their work as you are. Your support to help, and encourage, active duty members, veterans, disabled veterans, and their spouses, is very comforting, and gives me some hope that not all Americans take turn a blind eye to the sacrifices our military make to provide, and give every American the oppurtunities, and peace they take advantage of everyday. Thank you so very much, and I look forward to your the first newsletter I receive from. Sincerely; Cpl Joseph A Karr, USMC (M/Ret)

  3. Jack Stanley

    Ms. Carlson, Thank you for all you do to support military spouses. After 21 years in the Navy I know all too well the unique challenges that military spouses face. Thank you again. Very Respectfully, Jack Stanley 

  4. Traci F.

    Keep up all the great work you do. I love reading your articles. They are full of so much information and advice.

  5. John Rowe

    Can seem to get email to work, can web master or owner provide me an address to deliver a msg, Thanks John Rowe

  6. Mary McCormick-Dixon

    I have been trying to find an organization who will be the lucky recipient of two lovely dresses which can be used for wedding dresses. I have asked Navy and Marine Corps Relieve Society among others including chaplains. No one will help me donate these new dresses to soon-to-be brides. I am the wife of a USMC (1968-1972 ret). I do not want to give them to the goodwill. I have been trying for several years to find a way to give these dresses to USMC – can you please let me know how the USMC can help me help future brides. I can drive them down to Quantico as my husband and I live in Fairfax.

  7. Bruce Cassida

    Just dropped by to say Hello to all Marines and families. I served in the Marine Corps 1966 to 1972, my wife served 1968 to 1970 and my son served 1996 to 2002. We are a Marine Family and Proud. Great site and love all the info here. Semper Fi and OOHRAH to all my brothers and sisters.

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