Deployment 101

Deployments are always rough no matter how many you have survived. Whether this is your 1st or your 30th, you will find a lot of useful information in this section.

*We are currently working on a Deployment Handbook that will be available in PDF format. This book will include everything that you see in the Deployment 101 section (along with forms) and much more. So bookmark us and check back soon. Or if you are a FRG Leader / Key Volunteer and would like more information or a timeline with this is expected to be released, please contact us.*

Care Package FAQ

Care Package Ideas, Tips, & Themes – What to send, and ideas for themed packages.

Care Package Do’s, Don’ts, & Restricted Items

Children & Deployments

Deployment Preparation

Deployment Survival and Tips

Emotional Phases of Deployment

Homecoming Ideas & Tips

Posts on Deployment

Deployment Diary (Coming 2016)

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