Who do we talk to about getting the TMO to move us?

Q. Ok my husband in the navy right now in nuke school and he can’t really ask questions about moving or getting me up there? He has housing taken care of and I was wondering if you know who he needs to talk to, or if there’s anyone I can get ahold of about this tmo moving please and thank you?

First his orders for school would need to state that dependents can come. Most schooling is TDY and travel and relocation of dependents are not authorized. There are exceptions based on the length of the school. Assuming his orders state that dependents are authorized, you would need to call the base transportation office (in your case the Navy calls this the Personal Property Shipment Office) at the base closest to you, or you could call the receiving base (where he is at school) and they should also be able to help you. If his orders do not state that he is authorized to take dependents then there would be no one to call. You would be footing the bill yourself to move down there and then to move again when his schooling is done.

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2 thoughts on “Who do we talk to about getting the TMO to move us?

  1. Sally

    I was wondering the same thing! Glad I found this question answered. P.S. I love this site and love reading the Dear Military Spouse questions.

  2. Tracy Sunder

    I’ll probably email you this, but why can some spouses be authorized to move when their husbands are at school and others are not?

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