PCS & Moving 101

It’s that time again. Time to move to a new duty station also known as a Permanent Change of Station or PCS. Moving is rough and can be even rougher when children are involved. Do you have the Military move you, or maybe a DITY or maybe a partial DITY? What in the world does DITY mean any way?

This section is intended to help you in your move and hopefully make things go smoothly. Grab a cup of coffee, you may be here a while!

Different types of Moves – Start Here if you are new to this or are trying to figure out which move you want to do.

General Information

Making a PCS Binder – How to and free downloads

PCS Checklist

Tips for a DITY or Partial DITY Move

Tips for a Standard Military Move

Things Military Movers should NEVER or WON’T move

Filing A Claim – What to do when the movers break your stuff or worse, items have gone missing.

PCS Allowances

PCS Weight Allowance Chart

Unauthorized Items – Items which cannot be shipped at government expense

Useful PCS Links

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