Fort Lee MWR has a potty mouth on Facebook

At around 3:49pm today April 30, 2012 I noticed a rather disturbing status message in my newsfeed by the Fort Lee FMWR that read (without the stars):

“It’s the world’s fault, not mine.”
the mantra of lazy f**kers everywhere.

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Now I couldn’t believe it and clicked on their page to make sure. Sure enough there it was. I am beyond shocked at the potty mouth of the Fort Lee FMWR. They quickly erased it, but not before I could capture a screen shot. Who the heck runs these pages anyway? I thought they were supposed to be family friendly?

Fort Lee FMWR Potty Mouth Screen Shot

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Now I am a Military Wife and I have potty mouths all around me (including my own mouth at times), however, when you are an organization representing the Military and a Military program and have a Facebook page full of not only adults but children as well, this is beyond inappropriate.

What do you think?

READ THE FOLLOW UP POST HERE: Fort Lee MWR steps up to the plate

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3 thoughts on “Fort Lee MWR has a potty mouth on Facebook

  1. Jessica White

    This is in reference to the Fort Lee MWR has a potty mouth on Facebook – I am more blown away by what you have done – you have completely slandered the MWR organization! I don’t agree with what was posted but you stated in your note that this was “quickly deleted” – it was obviously a mistake. But your organization is NO better by broadcasting this. I am an army wife and MWR has been fantastic to myself, my husband and my children in more than one state! If you don’t care for them that is a personal opinion and I don’t feel you are any better than the next by doing what you have done! You should be ashamed of yourself as well!!

  2. Bridget Carlson Post author

    Hi Jessica, and thank you for your comment. It’s wonderful to hear that you have never had an issue with the MWR and I respect your opinion.

    However, I have not slandered the MWR in any way. I posted my opinion (just as you did) that my family does not care for the MWR and this being one of the reasons why. I have done nothing to be ashamed of. I simply reported what I saw. I am a writer after all and that is what I do! I’ve been doing this for many, many years!

    So thank you again for your input and your opinion in the matter! And thanks for reading!

  3. Jessica White

    Bridget, Thank you for following up. We all have our own opinions whether everyone likes them or not. I am glad that you were able to resolve the issue with MWR and it seems it has given you a new perspective for MWR.

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