Deployment Safety Tips

PUBLISHED: April 18, 2008
UPDATED: November 2, 2009

We all hate deployments, but unfortunately most of us will have to experience at least one. While your spouse is away there are important safety tips you need to remember
to keep yourself safe while your loved one is away:

  1. Try not to follow a daily routine. Mix things up a little each day.
  2. Remember the old saying “Loose lips sink ships”. Do not give specifics when your loved one will be returning, how long they will be gone, or even where they are. This is not only for your safety, but theirs as well. You never know who might be listening in on your conversation.
  3. Put an old pair of his boots by the front door and remember to move them around daily. You never know who might be keeping an eye on your house. This will give the appearance that a man is still around.
  4. Put a large dog bowl outside by the front and back doors, even if you do not have a dog. If you can afford it, buy a large igloo type dog house. This will give an appearance that there is a large dog at your house. I did this several times, and I was able to find one for free on Freecycle.
  5. Enroll yourself in a self defense class. This will accomplish two things; one it will allow you to either get in shape or stay in shape, and it will give you the knowledge of how to defend yourself should that situation ever arise.
  6. If you get a phone call for your spouse while he is away, don’t say he is not there. Instead just tell the caller he is unavailable and ask if you can help them. Remember when you were younger and a stranger called your house, your parents always informed you to never tell a caller they weren’t there? Same applies here. Its for your safety. A stranger doesn’t need to know that you are alone and will be for months!
  7. As much as we love those “1/2 my heart is in Iraq” bumper stickers, refrain from putting them on your car. What better way to tell a criminal you will be alone tonight? It’s like a rolling advertisement!
  8. If you are able to, install motion lights on your front and back doors. Nothing is more frightening to a burglar than him being seen.
  9. For those that have social networking accounts, keep your profiles private. I have time and time again seen wives talk about their husbands being away and how long they will be gone and of course their city and even name are listed on their profile. It’s an open invitation to criminals.
  10. For those of us that have kids, no matter how young they are, teach them rule number two. Children seem to listen to and hear every little thing we say (even if sometimes they pretend not to). Teach them the importance of not repeating any information on troop movements.
  11. If you get a package from your spouse that seems a little off (maybe the handwriting doesn’t look like his, or it smells funny, etc,) call the police. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even though it sounds silly and far-fetched, it can happen. Just be cautious.

I welcome any more tips that should be added.

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