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What is a liberty pass and why does it cost so much?

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Q. I have a question about Liberty pass, Can US Army personnel get them and do they cost thousands of Dollars to buy one? I have been receiving emails for some one supposedly on deployment in Korea, and he’s asked myself for 4700 Dollars to pay for his Liberty pass for 3 months to come over to the UK, I take it this isn’t… Read more »

PCS time again!

Bridget Carlson    January 21, 2013    No Comments on PCS time again!
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It’s that time again! We came down on orders (finally) in November. The report date was set for the end of October (we weren’t happy about them being so far out), so hubby put in a request for early reporting and as of last week that date was approved and we now have amended orders! Our new report date is… Read more »

Military Assault Rifle vs A Look-a-like {Video}


To educate those who think civilians can buy the exact same rifle our Military uses! Before you go jumping on the “lets ban assault weapons wagon”, take a moment and educate yourself instead of believing the politicians who are spewing their apparently uneducated mouths all over Washington. For the record, I can fire a pistol just as fast as I… Read more »

Obama to create his own Military….Say what?

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That’s right folks and yes this is apparently VERY old news. Deep down buried in H.R. 3590 (aka Obamacare or Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act) is a little section that our President put in that allows him to create his own military. Yes folks, you heard that right! My Mother first informed me of this, and as a… Read more »

Going to spend the year pulling out my hair!

OK, well I hope I don’t pull out my hair, but I just realized how extremely busy we will be this year. Why? Well for starters we received PCS orders with a report date at the end of the summer. This will most likely be our last PCS as retirement is quickly approaching. In light of this fact we have… Read more »

Husband is getting too close with other females

Q. My husband has a problem with getting too close to girls while he is away. He doesn’t sleep with them, he just gets to the point where they fall head over heels for him. Then I always see them talking about how much they are in love with him on Facebook. Recently me and my sons went back home… Read more »

Proper Military Wedding Etiquette | Dear Military Spouse

groom and bride

Q. Hey! so i love your blog(: I have a question for you. My fiance and I are getting married next September and I was wondering if there is a specific way I need to address the envelopes and if there is a certain way I need to write out the invitation. Also one more thing, for the arch of sabers all have to… Read more »

What benefits will I receive if my boyfriend and I get married?

Q. So my boyfriend/fiance (I’m not really sure what to call him at the moment) purposed an idea to me tonight when he called. We were talking about him coming home for leave in December (he’s currently stationed in Japan and I live in Vermont)and he brought up us getting married, (we had already decided that we would be getting… Read more »

Can’t leave area, will military allow husband to stay here?

Q. So I’m a new wife, and I’m also completely new to the military, wasn’t even in ROTC in high school or anything like that, so I’m completely lost. So my husband is away, finishing his AIT as of right now, but when he comes back, he will have to go to a duty station. And I’m just trying to… Read more »

Dear Military Spouse: How to introduce a newly married military couple?

Q. I was just wondering if there is a proper way to introduce a military couple to their wedding reception. For example, is it proper to say “Lance Corporal and Mrs. Price”? If you are going to use rank for enlisted (which is traditionally not done) you would introduce them as Lance Corporal and Mrs. John Joe Smith (his full… Read more »