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Can I terminate my lease if I marry someone in the Military?

Ask Bridget - Dear Military Spouse

Q. I am currently engaged to a soldier. He is stationed in Texas and I live in our home state of Kentucky. Since we are getting married does this mean I can legally terminate my lease? In other words if I get married to someone in the military, can my lease be terminated? A. First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As for… Read more »

Join Your Nextdoor Community!

Join your nextdoor community

Is anyone else a member of their Nextdoor Community? It’s been pretty awesome meeting neighbors and other Mom’s that live right in my own neighborhood. When we first moved in, I was sent an invite and thought it was junk mail. After about the 3rd postcard I decided to join since it’s free. I’m so glad I did! If you… Read more »

Putting together a PCS Binder – How To & Downloads

PCS Binder

FREE PSC BLOG TEMPLATES DOWNLOADS LOCATED AT END OF POST!! Ah you have received PCS orders. For many, they are happy to receive them so they can get the heck out of Dodge. Others wish they had never arrived. Either way you have them and chaos is soon to follow. To make the move easier and less hectic, put together… Read more »

Dear Military Spouse: Getting support for my children

Dear Military Spouse Bridget

Q. So I’ve been a military spouse going on 5 years now yet we have been separated for almost a year. He recently received orders to San Antonio but i stayed in Virginia to be with my family. We have two children together and I’ve been a stay at home mom for a few years now. He doesn’t give me any kind of support financially and… Read more »