Can I travel with my husband overseas for training?

Dear Military SpouseQ. Can a spouse travel with military spouse (marines) on a training deployment overseas that will last 6 months? Thanks, First Time Deployment Rookie

Not on the Military’s dime (unless his orders state that dependents are authorized).

However, if you want to pay for your own air fare, lodging, food, and other expenses as well as the fact that you will probably not see your Marine at all while he is training, then by all means this is a free country and travel wherever you would like =)

Now is it a deployment or is it training (you used both together)? Deployments are generally only referred to when they are going to a war zone or combat area in which case no you can’t go. Well let me take that back, I guess you could go assuming there are regular flights to that country. Training is, well just that, training and is usually considered TDY not a deployment. The answer through is really the same for both. This is a free country and as long as you can afford to travel and don’t mind the fact that you probably won’t see him, then the answer is yes, there is nothing that says you can’t travel to wherever you want to on your own dime. Will the Military pay for any portion of it? No. Will he likely be harassed if you decide to go when dependents aren’t authorized? Yes.

Hope that helps. Welcome to Military life!

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